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DRHC Dubai Gynecology Clinic

Obstetrics and Gynecology - 

DRHC Dubai Gynecology Clinic

DRHC offers the best obstetrics and gynecology service in Dubai. At Dr Rami Hamed Center, Healthcare City, we provide our patients with a wide choice of obstetric and gynecologic care. We offer complete health care for women. Our obstetricians and gynecologists will help you by developing an accurate treatment plan to treat both common and rare gynecological conditions. As a multi-specialty center, we work in cooperation with other medical specialties to provide you with the highest standards in obstetrics and gynecology services. DRHC offers the best gynecology clinic in Dubai and is equipped with the top male and female gynecologists in Dubai. To book an appointment with a specialist gynecologist in Dubai, DRHC, call +97142798200.

Our doctors perform various procedures, focusing on minimally invasive treatment whenever it’s possible to minimize each patient’s discomfort and shorten the healing process. Our doctors and medical team have an extensive experience in cosmetic and laparoscopic procedures and reconstructive surgeries as well as office-based restoration of normal anatomy and functions.

Our Gynecology specialists and consultant doctors have many years of experience here in Dubai and abroad. They participate in regular patient care, teaching, and research in the fields of gynecology, fetal development, complicated obstetrics cases, and surgical and medical conditions of the female reproductive system. We focus on treating a wide spectrum of conditions, such as reproductive endocrinology, infectious gynecological disease, and oncology medical issues.

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At Dr. Rami Hamed Center, we offer both preventive and primary gynecological health care for women and girls of all ages.

Our Gynecology services

Dr. Rami Hamed Center is equipped with Advanced medical imaging unit (ultrasound screening for fetal assessment, mammography screening) Visit us to get advice from one of the best gynecologists in Dubai.

Dubai Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic at DRHC now provides top male and female gynecologists in Dubai to enhance the service in Cosmetic Gynecology, Surgical Gynecology, Menopause, and so on.