DRHC Dubai Homeopathy Clinic

Homeopathy Department 

Dr. Ruchi Deshpande
BHMS, HMD(UK), PG Nutrition, Dip.Trichology

Consulting Homoeopath with MD from London UK. Now she is providing her service on homoeopathy in dubai.DRHC has one of the leading homeopathy clinic in dubai.

  • She has a vast experience in practicing as a zealious homoeopath in a high profile locality in lokhandwala, Mumbai India for 12 years.
  • She has successfully treated various types of chronic conditions from Pediatric to Geriatric with a holistic healing approach.
  • After doing her PG in Nutrition, she had a great success in treating Lifestyle related disorders with Homoeopathy and Nutrition.

During her recent 6 year experience working with VLCC International Dubai, she has been appreciated for her contribution for identifying and treating the underlying medical causes of Obesity. 

Scope of services

Homeopathy for children

  • Sweet Wonders for Little wonders, medicines easily Palatable by kids 
    • Hyperactivity
    • Low Appetite
    • ADHD
    • Repeated Cough and Cold
    • Recurrent Tonsillitis
    • Low Immunity
    • Allergies
    • Behavioral Disorders
  • Homeopathy for Female Problems - A Women’s Friend  
    • Irregular periods

    • Premenstrual syndrome

    • PCOS

    • Painful periods

    • Heavy bleeding

    • Weight gain

    • Menopausal & premenopausal symptoms

  • Homeopathy for Obesity

    • Treat the underlying cause not the result

    • Insulin Resistance

    • Hormonal Imbalance

    • Hypothyroid

    • Pre Diabetic

  • Homeopathy in Hair

    • Hair Loss

    • Hair Thinning

    • Dandruff

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