DRHC Dubai Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapy - An Effective Treatment Methodology for a Healthy and Enhanced Life

The Physiotherapy Centre at DRHC

  • Over the past several years, Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, has gained much prominence as an effective method of treatment. DRHC provides one of the best Physiotherapy clinics in Dubai. To book an appointment at the physiotherapy center at the Dubai Healthcare City branch just call +97142798200.  DRHC offers the best nearby healthcare options for you and your family.

  • In DRHC, we believe in teamwork and our surgeons, physicians, and physiotherapists work very closely as a rehab team to give our patients the best results. 

  • Physio deals frequently with post-surgical cases and provides rehabilitation, some of the common surgical cases seen include spinal & knee surgeries. DRHC offers the best physiotherapy for back pain.

  • The primary objective of this method of treatment is to promote mobility, functional ability, quality of life, and movement potential among the patients.

  • The treatment achieves these objectives by ensuring proper remedy of any impairments and disabilities that the patients might be suffering from.  DRHC physiotherapists provide the best sports physiotherapists in Dubai.

Types of Physiotherapy Treatments:

  • Physiotherapy focuses mainly on improving the strength, balance, and overall fitness of an individual to help them lead an overall fit and healthy life.

  • This is done by making the individuals perform a variety of exercises and therapies that are based on a detailed understanding of the workings of an individual’s body. This means that the physiotherapists take into consideration factors like posture, balance, and movement, their knowledge of diseases and specific trauma or injury as well as the healing process of the individuals to come up with the most effective treatment methods.

The most common types of physiotherapy treatments administered to patients at DRHC Dubai Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center are discussed as follows:

  • Exercise Therapy: This is definitely the most common method of treatment and involves maintaining the strength and flexibility of the muscles to ensure better alignment and functionality among the patients. The patients are made to perform a set of moderate exercises under the guidance of expert physiotherapists to not only help them recover from the injury but also reduce the chances of future injuries.  

  • Kinesiotaping: In this method of treatment kinesiology tape is applied to the affected body part of the patient for pain modulation and improving myofascial dysfunction. This method is used in patients who need continuous care to minimize discomfort and swelling and restore the strength of the injured body part.

  • Dry Needling:  This method of treatment makes use of filament needles to reduce pain and stimulate the specific tissues and muscles of the patients. The method can be combined with other treatment therapies to ensure a better pain relief strategy for the patients.

  • Electrotherapy: This method of treatment is largely used to provide relief from tissue pain and swelling. The therapy is implemented by increasing the energy level within the body by inducing electricity. It is for this reason that the therapy is also referred to as shockwave therapy. Given its short-term benefits, this therapy is often combined with other treatment methods.

  • Manual Therapy: This treatment methodology is administered mostly by the use of hands and focuses on massage, mobilization, and manipulation to ensure relaxation, reduce pain and increase the flexibility of affected body parts.

Shockwave Therapy: Shockwave Therapy is an extremely effective and non-invasive solution where a series of high-energy percussions is delivered to the injured area. These mechanical pulses cause scar tissue and calcific fibroblasts to break down and this, in turn, provokes metabolic activity and an inflammatory response – promoting and stimulating healing.


Our physio clinic in Dubai provides you with the best option for a sports physiotherapist. DRHC has one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Dubai. Our Physiotherapists are highly Specialized in Sports Injury, Post Surgery & Rehabilitation. We offer the best physio care in Dubai Healthcare City.