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Understanding its various aspects for effective pain relief

  • Electrotherapy, as a method for alleviating chronic pains, does not need an introduction as such.
  • The method has been around for quite some time and is used quite extensively by physiotherapists and other medical practitioners to provide pain relief to their patients.
  • However, not many people are aware of the fact that the term is used to collectively define a wide range of treatment modalities that are aimed at reducing pain, improving circulation, repairing tissues, strengthening muscles, and even improving bone health.

Types of Electrotherapy Treatments in DRHC Dubai

As the name suggests, electrotherapy is based on the use of electric pulses for the treatment of pain and other issues. Depending upon the medium being used, the treatment can be categorized into the following main types.

  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy - Is generally found beneficial for the treatment of tendon injuries.
  • Exogen – This bone healing system is especially effective for the treatment of fractures.
  • Interferential – This method uses alternating medium frequency currents for the treatment of pain.
  • Laser Therapy – This treatment methodology uses low-intensity laser emissions for alleviating pain and other health issues.
  • Magnetic Field Therapy – This method uses the force of magnetic fields to treat chronic pains.
  • Short Wave Diathermy – In this treatment method, pulsed short waves are used for treating patients.
  • TENS Machine – This is the most popular form of electrotherapy that is used largely for the treatment of chronic pain.


How the treatment is administered and to whom?

  • Having learned about the different types of electrotherapy treatments is not enough, as it is equally important to understand how it is done and for whom it is done.
  • The electrotherapy units generally comprise a compact battery-powered device having wires protruding from it.
  • The wires connect the device to adhesive electrode pads, which are placed on the skin of the patients for administration of the treatment.
  • Once all the pads have been appropriately placed, the device is turned on and starts sending short electric pulses to the skin.
  • These pulses help to stimulate the healing process for a variety of painful conditions which might include the following:
    • Arthritis
    • Low back pain
    • Labor pain
    • Nerve-related pain such as phantom pain
  • In most cases, the electrotherapy treatment is not administered as a standalone solution for pain relief. Rather it forms a part of an elaborate treatment plan, which further helps to enhance its benefits, by combining the advantages of this method of treatment with proper medication and care.
  • Hence, the treatment should be opted for only after a detailed discussion with a qualified doctor.


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