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At the breast Clinic at Dr. Rami Hamed Center, we offer high-quality care for all breast diseases ranging from breast inflammation and benign nodules to breast cancer. We have highly experienced and the best breast surgeons in Dubai. Our unique approach to breast cancer depends on our extensive experience in treating breast diseases. We stress the important role of the patient herself to be aware of any changes in her breast and to report to her doctor if she finds any abnormality. Breast Clinic in Dubai DRHC is equipped with highly qualified doctors and modern equipment. DRHC offers the best breast cancer treatment in Dubai and provides the best breast surgeon in Dubai. To book an appointment, call +97142798200. 


One out of four women has a complaint in her breast at one time in her life and one quarter of those who have breast complaint has cancer. Thus breast complaint is one of the major health issues in women's health and one has to rule out cancer in every breast complaint. There are three main procedures that are essential in taking care of any female patient. First; women should know how to do a breast self-examination once a month after their menstrual period. Second, they should have a clinical physical examination by a doctor once a year. Third, they should have a screening mammogram once a year after the age of forty unless she has a strong family history when we start doing mammograms ten years earlier than the youngest age of her affected relative. DRHC is one of the best breast cancer centers in Dubai.

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Women are always fearful whenever they feel something abnormal in their breasts. Any woman would be scared when she has any lump in her beast. It is a very important thing to make a woman aware that not every lump of the breast is cancer. Most of the lumps are benign. However, we have to make investigations and studies to rule out cancer in every abnormality even if there is no lump but only dis-figuration or thickening in the breast or oozing from the nipple or some enlargement of one breast the makes it asymmetrical in comparison to the other. So we always like to make the woman aware and that’s why we make every year one to three campaigns to let women know on how to examine their breasts and raise their awareness. You can call to +97142798200  to book an appointment with the best Breast Cancer Experts. DRHC is one of the top breast cancer treatment centers and has one of the best breast cancer surgeons in Dubai

Scope of Services

  • General Check-up.
  • Overall evaluation of the patient with breast complaint offered by an expert team in the breast.
  • Clinical examination of breasts.
  • Mammography and Tomosynthesis.
  • Ultrasound.
  • MRI Scan for early cancer detection.
  • FNA and Core needle biopsy.
  • Operations on the breast ranged from breast biopsy to quadrautectomy to modified reduced mastectomy.
  • Histopathology with special testing for ER, PR, Herz, and Ki67.
  • Special testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2.
  • Conservative breast-saving breast surgery.
  • Breast reconstructive surgery either with silicon implant or using patient’s tissue in TRAM procedure or lotissmus dorsi muscle.
  • The management of a breast cancer patient always depends on a multi-disciplinary approach putting the strategic plan right from the beginning. Sometimes we give chemotherapy before surgery in order to downstage the case so a conservative breast-saving operation would be suitable.
  • Sentinal Lymph node (SLN) biopsy is done in order to avoid axillary dissection when not needed. Thus avoiding the consequences of axillary dissection like arm swelling or restriction of arm movement.


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The breast clinic at Dr. Rami Hamed Center provides better options for the diagnosis of breast cancer, breast cancer treatment, and breast cancer investigation including ultrasound and MRI. DRHC is the best cancer hospital in Dubai. If you are in search of the best oncology doctor in Dubai or the best oncology hospital in Dubai, you should visit DRHC. We will raise your hopes and gain your trust. We offer the best breast cancer doctors.