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An Umbrella Term Used For Various Non Cancerous Lesions


  • Benign breast diseases comprise of breast problem that are not cancerous in nature but can cause much discomfort and pain to the patients. To book an appointment call +97142798200.
  • The term is generally used to define a heterogeneous group of lesions that frequently affect the breast of both males and females. These might include lesions caused by developmental abnormalities, inflammatory lesions, epithelial and stromal proliferations, and neoplasms.
  • Sadly, most people are unaware of the fact that a majority of lesions occurring in the breasts are benign in nature and in general do not pose any threat of breast cancer, even though they might make its detection significantly challenging.

Classification of Benign Breast Disease

The classification of benign breast disease is done on the basis of potential future cancer risk they pose amongst the patients. Thus there are three main categories of these diseases as listed below.

  • Non-proliferative disorders, which do not cause any increase in the risk of cancer
  • Proliferative disorders without atypia, which cause a mild to moderate increase in risk of cancer
  • Atypical hyperplasias, which cause a substantial increase in risk of breast cancer

Additionally, the benign breast conditions might be classified on the basis of clinical examinations into the following categories.

  • Physiological swelling and tenderness of breasts
  • Nodularity
  • Palpable breast lumps
  • Nipple discharge
  • Breast pain
  • Breast inflammation and infection

Diagnosing the condition

  • In most cases a through physical examination by an expert medical professional will be enough for accurate diagnosis of the benign breast disease. However, the doctors might in some cases suggest other clinical tests and even biopsy to learn about the exact nature of the lesions and also to determine the best methods for treating the same.
  • It also enables them to provide accurate guidelines to the patients about effective management of the condition to minimize their pain and discomfort.

Treating the condition

  • Most doctors prescribe over the counter painkillers and other simple methods of treatment to provide the patients much needed relief from the benign breast disease.
  • Women might also be advised to use specific types of bras that offer support to the breast to get effective relief from pain and discomfort.
  • Many females might be required to make minor changes in their eating habits to minimize any chances of recurrence of the lesions.
  • Many times, the women might not even need any treatment as the ailment might naturally get treated after the females experience menopause. However, this can be confirmed only after proper check-up by a doctor so that women do not suffer from any complications.


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