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  • Fibrocystic breast disease is characterized by the presence of lumpy tissue which might have a rope-like texture and might cause pain or discomfort in the breasts. It is common ailment faced by women, with more than 50 percent of the females suffering from the disease at some point of time.
  • Contrary to the popular belief, fibrocystic breast does not enhance the risk of breast cancer, even though it does make the detection of the cancer relatively difficult. Most women experience this condition, between the ages of 30 and 50 years and it is generally resolved after menopause.

Symptoms of Fibrocystic Breast

In most cases women do not show any usual symptoms associated with the disease, which are listed as follows.

  • A feeling of lumpiness in the breasts along with tenderness and pain
  • Green or dark brown discharge from the nipples that occurs even without applying pressure or squeezing
  • Fluctuation in the size breast lumps in accordance with the menstrual cycle
  • Similar changes in that occur in both the breasts
  • Some women might also experience pain under their arms


Although the symptoms become worse, just before women are to have their period, they are present all through the month. This sudden heightening of symptoms results from the hormonal changes occurring in the body of the women.

Causes of the ailment

  • The exact causes of fibrocystic breast disease are not known, although most experts believe that reproductive hormones, especially estrogen, might be responsible.
  • This is because the breast tissues tend to undergo a change in response to the hormones produced by the ovaries. The cumulative effects of repeated monthly hormonal changes combined with the accumulation of fluids, cells and cellular debris within the breast might lead to this condition.
  • The diagnosis of the condition can be done by a doctor on the basis of a physical examination although other clinical tests might be advised to get a better view of the changes in the breast tissue.

Treatment of the condition

  • In most cases, women suffering from fibrocystic breast condition do not need to undergo surgery for treating of the ailment.
  • Most women are advised over the counter pain killers and the use of a well-fitting and supportive bra to gain relief from the pain and discomfort.
  • Some women might also be required to undergo specific dietary changes to reduce the symptoms of the ailment. However, in case none of the methods of treatment work, the doctors might suggest an invasive procedure to remove the lumps or cysts and provide lasting relief.


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Dr. Hassan Alshater

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