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Breast Cancer – Different Methods to Ensure its Timely Diagnosis

  • Breast Cancer is one of the most common types of cancer to affect women globally. Although the disease can be cured completely, it needs to be diagnosed in the initial stages itself, which is often an extremely difficult task.
  • The doctors often use one of the following methods for diagnosing breast cancer and ensuring its timely treatment.
    • Breast Examination: This is often the first step in the direction of diagnosing breast cancer and comprises of the doctors checking the breasts as well as the lymph nodes in the armpit to detect any lumps or abnormalities.
    • Mammogram: Mammogram is actually an x-ray of the breast and is used as a screening method for diagnosing cancer. Depending on the results of the screening mammogram, the doctors might advise the patients to get a diagnostic mammogram done for further analyzing the abnormal cell growth.
    • Breast Ultrasound: Performing an ultrasound of the breast is also a method that the doctors might use for diagnosing cancer. The ultrasound helps the doctors to learn whether the new lump that has developed within the breast of the patient is solid mass or a cyst filled with fluid.
    • Breast MRI: The breast MRI creates the images of the interior of the patient’s breast by using a magnet and radio waves. In most cases, the patients are given an injection of dye before they are made to undertake a breast MRI procedure.
    • Biopsy: This is the most definitive method of diagnosing breast cancer and involves taking tissue or fluid samples from the breast for further in-depth analysis. A biopsy helps the doctors to understand the type of cells involved in the disease, grade of cancer and how it will influence the treatment methods.
  • Once the breast cancer has been diagnosed, the next step is to consider the treatment options available.
  • These generally depend on a variety of factors including the stage of cancer, its grade and size as well as the sensitivity of the cancer cells to various hormones.
  • The most common method of ensuring lasting treatment for cancer is through surgery. However, the patients are more often than not required to undergo various other treatments before and after the surgery to remove the last traces of the disease from their body.
  • These might include hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radiation. Here it is also important to state that not all women are required to get the entire breast removed. In most cases, the doctors might remove just the tumor and the small part of the healthy tissue surrounding it, unless the disease has spread too far.


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