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Spine Hospital Dubai DRHC - Spine Specialist Dubai DRHC

Spinal column is the main foundation of our skeleton; we therefore look at  spine surgery as the main part of musclo-skeletal activities in Dr Rami Hamed Center (DRHC) in Dubai healthcare City - Dubai. DRHC has the best spine doctor in Dubai. Dr. Rami was rewarded as one of the best orthopedic spine specialist in Dubai by drfive according to patient reviews. To book an appointment with our orthopedic surgeon in Dubai DRHC call +97142798200.

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  • Spinal surgery is the art of maintaining pain free stable and aligned spine. It includes non-surgical and surgical techniques developed and advanced with the latest techniques developed internationally.To consult the best orthopedic surgeon for backpain call +97142798200

    Our approach and principles in spinal surgery is evidence based medicine approach with the latest properly dedicated researches taken in account to serve our patient at international extremely high standard, and cater for high level of safety with avoidance of any complication. This approach has helped us to become a trusted center in this field in Dubai and GCC, and Middle East. DRHC offers the best backpain treatment in dubai.Get upto 10% Discount on Radiology

    Historically, there is a general fear of spinal surgery as a field of complication, which can lead to serious detrimental effects on patient quality of life. But, in fact, spinal surgery is designed to resolve issues and improve life style if the correct analysis and treatment of any particular condition is provided. We offer the best lower backpain treatment in Dubai.

    The concept of individual and personalized approach is the corner stone of successful spinal surgery, therefore, treatment would be tailored to the location, type, duration, and severity of the pain together with age, condition, anatomy, and associated medical conditions. This is what we refer to as perfect patient selection for perfect outcome.DRHC serves as the best backpain hospital near Dubai healthcare city.

    Spine surgeon in Dubai DRHC spine clinic has vast years of experience and records of success in spinal surgery. The intraoperative neuro monitoring and the minimally invasive techniques have revolutionized Spinal surgery over the last 5 years. These advantages have put an extreme assurance for patient safety particularly in complex cases of scoliosis, and when performing spinal osteotomies during the surgery of spinal deformities and tumors.  

    Spinal surgery is divided into:

    To consult with the best backpain doctor in Dubai DRHC, call +97142798200

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Dubai Orthopedic Clinic / Dubai Spinal Surgery Clinic - Are you looking for spine hospital dubai or backbone specialist dubai or best spine doctor in dubai  or back pain clinic in Dubai? Dr Rami Hamed Center is the leading neuro spinal hospital dubai with expert spinal surgeon for Lumbar disc prolapse, Scoliosis Treatment, Spinal Deformity and so on. DRHC offers the best Specialist Surgeons for Spinal Conditions.Our backpain and spinal surgery clinic is fully equipped with advanced medical equipments. Book an appointment with the best back and spine specialist in Dubai.

Dr. Rami Hamed - Orthopedic Surgeon, Spinal Surgeon, DRHC Dubai

Dr. Rami Hamed

Consultant Orthopedic & Spinal Surgeon