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Andrology Disorders

All diagnostic investigations are present

  •  Doppler Ultrasound
  • CT and MRI
  • Blood Hormonal lab test
  • Semen analysis CASA

Minimal invasive therapy and Regenerative therapy

  • Low-intensity shock wave
  • piezowave2
  • PRP injection
  • Stem cell therapy

Open Surgery

  • Varicocele OP
  • vasectomy
  • vasovasostomy
  • reversal vasectomy
  • testicular biopsy

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To make an appointment with a Urology & Andrology Specialist in Dubai DRHC Andrology & Urology clinic, call +97142798200. DRHC Urology Clinic treats Kidney Stones, UTI, Men's Health Urology Related Treatments. Contact DRHC to consult with an experienced urologist in UAE.