Dubai Pediatric Clinic

Dubai Pediatric Clinic

If you are looking for a pediatric or baby doctor in Dubai DRHC provides you with one of the best pediatrician in Dubai Healthcare City. Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents, and the age limit usually ranges from birth up to age 18.

Our team of committed doctors and nurses are well informed that kids are not small adults and they need the unique environment and care.

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Pediatric Doctor  at Dr.Rami Hamed Center offers  a calm and pleasant environment for preventive health care and treatment for both acute and chronic diseases of kids.

Preventive Pediatric care such as periodic health evaluation at every age recommended screening including  routine lab tests, anemia and newborn  metabolic screening, vaccination, growth and development,  screening for any vision or hearing problems .

Our highly qualified doctors  managing  the health of your child, including physical, behavior, and mental health issues. They are well  trained to diagnose and treat childhood illnesses , from minor health problems to serious diseases. 

Scope of services:

  •     All types of advanced lab tests and latest imaging technologies
  •     Periodic health evaluation check-up and screening
  •     Diagnose and treat acute and chronic pediatric diseases
  •     Acute illness such as Infection diseases (Pneumonia, Croup,  Bronchitis, Rotavirus, Rash, e.t.c)
  •     Kids Fracture
  •     Vaccination


Dubai Pediatric Clinic at Dr Rami Hamed Center provides one of the leading paediatrician in dubai.