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Digital Radiography/X-Ray

Is a form of X-ray imaging, where digital X-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film.

Samsung XGEO GU60

  • Superb High-End Digital X-ray Machine
  • Technology Leader in Image Quality
  • Excellent & High-Resolution Image Quality
  • Optimized Flexibility for every patient (U-Arm Design)
  • WHOLE SPINE & LOWER EXTREMITIES Stitching with Minimal Exposure, Less Time and Comfortable Patient Position

How does it work?

Just like Digital photography, Digital X-ray works the same but, it uses x-radiation instead and can see through or see inside your body. It will take 1 image at a time and you will be asked to do different positions and sometimes be given breathing instructions while doing it. It is painless and it is quicker than a conventional x-ray.  

Who can have Digital Radiography/X-ray?

  • From Pediatrics to Adults and even Geriatrics; male or female but for pregnant patients, it should be assessed properly by the referring doctor if the benefits can outweigh the risk.
  • Infants & Children

Sometimes these patients need extra motivation or extra effort to complete an x-ray. A parent or significant others are asked to hold, restrain or at least stay with the patient while being x-rayed. This person will be given proper protective measures and will not be exposed directly. Importantly this person must not be pregnant.

Why Digital Radiography/X-ray?

  • A non-invasive way to study parts of the body
  • Time efficiency through bypassing chemical processing of images
  • Ability to digitally transfer and enhance images


  • Use of Ionizing radiation

Routine Operating Procedure in Digital Radiography

  • The doctor’s request is reviewed first by the staff radiographer.
  • Safety questions are asked. (confirmation of Name & DOB, site of the problem, and pregnancy screening for females)
  • Hospital gowns are provided if needed to avoid artefacts on images.
  • The patient’s personal belongings (including phone, credit cards, money, etc.) are all placed in the locker provided.
  • The radiographer will explain what will be your position, breathing instruction if needed & how many pictures to take to complete the exam.
  • All the time a patient is provided with lead protection to cover areas that are not involved in the examination for protection from unnecessary exposure.
  • Digital X-ray exams are painless, fast and exposed to a low dose of radiation. It is important that you remain perfectly still while the images are being captured, done at Dubai Radiology Center. To know X-Ray's cost in Dubai DRHC call +97142798200

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