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Dental Digital Radiography

Basically, it is a digital X-ray machine specifically designed for dental examinations.

Castellini X-radius trio

  • Multipurpose dental x-ray machine
  • High resolution, low emission
  • Full arch volumetric scans for complete diagnostic data
  • A comprehensive range of standard and specialized 2D examinations
  • Obtain clinical 3D radiographic images
  • Reduced FOV for specific needs
  • Simple, speedy positioning system


    OPG (Orthopantomography) – X-ray of the whole mouth

    CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) – CT-scan specifically designed for the mouth with small FOV for better focus

    Cephalogram – is an imaging technique used to profile the relationship between the teeth-jaw-skull and the soft tissues around it.

How does it work?

It is all the same with Digital X-rays but only more focused on the mouth and has a receptor that turns around over the patient's head. The patient will be asked to stand along with the machine, bite the stick apparatus used as centering point, hold on to the handle for support and not move. Once the scan starts, images will be produced immediately and be ready for viewing once the scan is finished.

Who can have Dental Radiography?

  • Dental patients of Male or female; Pediatrics, Adults & Geriatrics but the pregnant patients must not be exposed
  • Children

Sometimes these patients need extra motivation or extra effort to complete an x-ray. A parent or significant others are most of the time asked to hold, restrain or at least stay with the patient while being x-rayed. This person will be given proper protective measures and will not be exposed directly. Importantly this person must not be pregnant.


  • Generally for dental purposes


  • A very low dosage of Ionizing Radiation (X-ray)

Routine Operating Procedure in Digital Dental Radiography

  • The doctor’s request is reviewed first by the staff radiographer.
  • Safety questions are asked. (confirmation of Name & DOB and pregnancy screening for females)
  • Earrings, Hairpins, hair clips and other hair or head accessories are asked to be removed.
  • The patient’s personal belongings (including phone, credit cards, money, etc.) are all placed in the locker provided.
  • A lead gown will be provided before positioning for protection from unnecessary exposure.
  • The radiographer will ask the patient to stand near the machine and explain what will be the position.
  • Dental Digital X-ray exams are painless, fast and exposed to a low dose of radiation. It is important that you remain perfectly still while the images are being captured.

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