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No doubt, that you are looking for the best most comprehensive management of your painful ENT conditionOtolaryngology (ENT) department at Dr. Rami Hamed Center (DRHC) is proud to present to a very experienced ENT team headed by  best ENT Specialist in Dubai Dr Hatem Ellewi within a department equipped with the latest technologies including digital microscope, endoscopes and many more to diagnose and treat various disorders of ear, nose and throat. For booking an appointment with our ent specialist at DRHC, call +97142798200. Our expert team will handle your problems in highly scientific approach with most efficient service in terms of time and cost. DRHC has one of the best ENT Clinic in Dubai . 

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The beauty of our ENT unit is the integration with most advanced Audiology and speech therapy units to enable dealing with hearing loss and tinnitus conditions following the latest international guidelines. This has formed a great attraction as center of excellence in Dubai as all conditions would be dealt with by expert team under one ceiling including most sophisticated test and radiology investigation.  We offer Latest advanced ENT treatment  and surgery for all ENT related diseases.The outpatient ENT services we offer at DRHC include:

Ear clinic

Cares for the simple foreign body and blockage in the external auditory meatus and extend into more complex pathologies affecting the middle and inner ear infection and other conditions causing hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, imbalance and headache. All surgical solutions will be discussed with the patient if the conservative medical treatment does not achieve the required result. DRHC provide services on Eardrum repair, Bone Anchore Hearing aids,Hearing lossOssiculoplasty, OME , Otosclerosis or Otospongiosis, Vertigo etc. 

Nose clinic

The nose clinic is fully equipped with rigid and flexible endoscopes to enable performing all out patient procedures using minimally invasive techniques and the latest Radio frequency technologies. DRHC offers advanced nose surgery in Dubai.

Pharynx and larynx clinic

Our team will deal with all throat conditions including infection, tonsillectomy, soft palate pathologies and all larynx pathologies including the diagnosis and treatment of voice change or loss.

Snoring clinic & Sleep Apnea treatment

Another strong point of our ENT department is the association with the pulmonary service to constructively assess snoring conditions and stop its progression to sleep apnea, and to treat the sleep apnea effectively in a multidisciplinary approach for better results.


Allergy, food intolerance and allergic Rhinitis clinic

Allergy and allergic rhinitis patients needs full assessment to identify the allergens causing this condition. We offer complete diagnostic service for allergy including food intolerance. We give proper advice on avoiding allergens that trigger issues related to rhinitis.

Apart from these we also conduct Pediatric hearing tests and Balance tests that help us in identifying the exact problems faced by our patients and suggest the right treatments.

Please do not hesitate to contact us any time through telephone or email if you require any further information about our services.

Dr Hatem is considered as one of the best ENT specialist in Dubai Healthcare city.

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Dubai ENT clinic - If you are in search of ENT specialist in dubai or a child ent specialist in Dubai, then DRHC provides experienced and the leading ENT doctor in dubai for the healthy treatment.ENT clinic in DRHC offers the best child ent specialist in dubai

Dr. Hatem Fadl Eliwi

Dr. Hatem Fadl Eliwi

Senior ENT Specialist