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Restoring the Confidence of Females after Mastectomy
  • The breast reconstruction surgery is generally performed by an expert plastic surgeon and can be done by using either the tissue taken from other parts of the body or by using synthetic implants.
  • Most women, who have to undergo mastectomy as a part of breast cancer treatment, feel extremely unconfident and even embarrassed about losing an important body part.
  • In such cases, breast reconstruction proves to be an effective method of restoring the confidence of these females by re-creating the breast removed during the surgical procedure.

Types of Breast Reconstruction:

  • The doctors generally use two main methods to re-create the breast that is quite similar to the natural organ. The two methods are discussed as follows.
    • With the help of Implants:
      • This method relies on the use of implants that are essentially breast shaped forms, filled with sterile salt water or silicon-gel.
      • In either case, the outer structure of the implant is made up of silicone and their life span can vary from one female to another. Although, use of implants can lead to issues such as their getting ruptured or damaged or even the development of  pain, scars and infection in the tissue around the implants, such occurrences are quite rare.
      • It is advisable for the females to seek advice and guidance of their doctor to understand the risks and benefits of breast reconstruction using implants.
    • With the help of Tissue Flap Procedures:
      • This is a relatively natural method for reconstruction of the breast.
      • In this method, the doctors use the tissue and muscle extracted from other parts of the body to re-create the breast.
      • This procedure is further divided into two main categories, namely the “pedicle flap procedure” and the “free flap procedure”.
      • The main difference between the two types of procedures is that while pedicle flap does not involve cutting the blood vessels while removing the tissue, the free flap comprises of cutting the blood vessels and re-attaching them at the reconstruction site.
      • The tissue flap procedure is also categorized on the basis of the body part from where the tissue and muscle are removed. These include the lower stomach wall (TRAM Flap), upper back (Latissimus Dorsi Flap), abdomen (DIEP Flap), and buttocks (Gluteal Free Flap)

When can the procedure be performed?

  • Contrary to the popular belief, the breast reconstruction surgery does not need to be performed immediately after the mastectomy procedure.
  • Although, most females prefer this option, they can get the reconstruction procedure done at any time in the future. It can even be performed during the lumpectomy procedure to enhance the breast shape.


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