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The most important things that women need to be aware of


  • Even though breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer to affect women, the chances of females developing this disease during pregnancy are quite low. However, the women who do develop the ailment during the most important phase of their life generally have to bear the additional strain of having to worry about the safety and well being of their unborn child.
  • In view of the above fact and given the fatal nature of the disease, it is not surprising that the management of breast cancer in pregnancy can be generally quite traumatic and difficult. However, learning the most important facts about this situation can help make the whole process relatively simpler.

Diagnosing Breast Cancer

  • Most oncologists feel that the diagnosis of breast cancer during pregnancy is a real challenge. This is because the pregnancy causes changes in the female breasts as they get ready for breastfeeding. The breast tissue becomes denser making it difficult for the females to detect any lumps during their regular breast examination.
  • In addition, the common symptoms of breast cancer are often the same as those for pregnancy. However, in case the women feel lumps in their breasts or any other symptoms that might indicate a serious health issue, it is highly advisable for them to seek the advice of their GP on an immediate basis.

Risks associated with the condition

  • Most women diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy are more worried about risks the disease poses to their unborn child than to their own health and well being.
  • Fortunately the chances of the baby being affected by the disease are very low, although there is quite good chance of the radiation therapy having some harmful effects on the foetus.
  • However, contrary to the popular belief, women might not necessarily be required to terminate their pregnancy and in fact a majority of women are able to carry the pregnancy to full term.

Treatment of Breast Cancer

  • The treatment of breast cancer during pregnancy focuses on creating a balance between rectifying the disease and ensuring the safety of the unborn child.
  • The type of treatment recommended generally depends on the duration of pregnancy, type of breast cancer and even the personal choice of the patients.
  • In most cases, surgery might be suggested for effectively treating the disease by removing the entire cancerous tissue along with some section of good tissue to prevent the further spread of the disease.
  • The doctors might also advice chemotherapy and radiation therapy depending on the exact condition of the patients.


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