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Breast Cancer Genetic Testing at Breast Cancer Clinic DRHC

  • Most females, who develop breast cancer, have no family history of the disease. However, in the case of females with a strong family history of the disease, the development of the same can be attributed to the inheritance of an abnormal gene with a high risk of cancer. Thankfully women can now access their risk of developing the disease sometime in life by opting for breast cancer genetic testing. DRHC Dubai offers advanced genetic testing for breast cancer. To book an appointment, call +97142798200.

What is Breast Cancer Genetic Testing?

  • Breast cancer genetic testing is a screening method that helps women to learn about the likelihood of getting afflicted with this ailment.
  • The testing generally checks for the presence of abnormal BRCA 1 and BRCA2 genes amongst women, as these are known to be associated with most inherited cases of breast cancer.
  • Although the BRCA1 and BRCA 2 genes are present in every individual, it is only the abnormalities and mutations in the genes that increase the chances of breast cancer. However, just the presence of an abnormal BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene does not guarantee the diagnosis of breast cancer.

How can Genetic testing prove helpful?

  • By opting for breast cancer genetic testing women can be certain about whether or not they have inherited the abnormal BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.
  • In case the results are negative they have something to feel happy about as their risk of developing cancer is relatively lesser.
  • However, even if the results are positive, which means that test confirms the presence of these abnormal genes, the women do not need to panic. Rather the results can be used as a motivational factor results to make the necessary lifestyle changes for reducing the risks of cancer development.
  • They can discuss the results with their doctor to find the most effective ways of keeping the disease at bay through whatever means might be necessary.

Treatment Options for Patients 

  • Women, whose breast cancer genetic tests prove to be having abnormal cancer-causing genes, can opt for preventive treatment.
  • These might include the administration of hormonal therapy medicines, choosing more frequent and elaborate screening methodologies or even taking the extreme step of protective surgery which involves the removal of both breasts irrespective of whether or not the patients have ever developed breast cancer.
  • However, the last measure can be avoided by choosing the first two options along with a healthy and careful lifestyle.
  • This will essentially require the women to take proper nutritious food, maintain an appropriate weight, follow a regular exercise routine, and limit their alcohol consumption besides totally giving up smoking.

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