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Understanding Breast Anatomy for Proper and timely identification of any health issues

  • Breasts or which are scientifically known as mammary glands, are the body organs unique to mammals and serve the specific function of synthesizing, secreting, and providing milk to their newborn.
  • Just like other body organs, breasts are also prone to be affected by various ailments which can impact the overall fitness and well-being of individuals.
  • In order to identify and treat these ailments in a proper and timely manner, it is important for an individual to have some basic awareness about their anatomy.

Composition of Breasts

  • Breasts are made up of fatty tissue, glandular structures that are responsible for the production of milk, and a system of ducts for the transportation of the synthesized milk. Contrary to popular belief, breasts do not have any muscle tissue.
  • The shape of the breasts varies not only amongst mammals but also from individual to individual. This is because the shape is determined by the amount of fatty tissue contained in the organ and this can vary according to the body shape and structure of an individual.


Development of Breasts
  • The growth of mammary glands in humans starts with the onset of puberty in both males and females. The structure of the breasts is almost identical in individuals of both the sex, except that the males do not have milk-producing glands and hence their size is extremely small.
  • Moreover, the milk glands reach the mature developmental state only during the pregnancy/ lactation cycle. This is because it is only during this stage that the glands undergo drastic changes due to hormonal influences at the cellular level, turning them into a milk-producing organ.
Breast Treatment
  • There are several reasons that might lead an individual to opt for various types of breast treatments
  • These can range from enhancing or reducing the size of the breasts to make them look perkier to removing cancerous tumors from the gland.
  • Whatever the reason for treatment, it is important for the patients to choose a well-qualified and expert medical practitioner in the field to get the best results.
Choosing the right Breast Clinic
  • In addition to choosing the right medical professional, it is also important to choose a good breast clinic for the treatment.
  • The patients verify that the clinic has various facilities and equipment readily available for use to ensure an effective treatment.
  • They should also check the hygiene level of the clinic and the knowledge and attitude of the support staff, as these will be playing an important role in their treatment and recovery.


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