Dubai Breast Cancer Clinic- How to Prevent Breast Cancer?

  • The women are at a risk of getting breast cancer irrespective of the family history. As per the statistics, just 10% of the breast cancers are caused due to inheritance of genes and 90% of the breast cancers are caused due to causes related to lifestyle, environmental exposures and reproductive choices.
  • While some of the factors are surely beyond the control of the humans, there still lie certain factors which are totally in our hands and can help in preventing the risk of breast cancer.

So, what are the ways through which we can prevent breast cancer?

Let's have a look at the general methods which can prevent the development of breast cancer in women:

Primary preventive method:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
    • Keeping a tab on the weight is one of the essential things to do to prevent the occurrence of the breast cancer. This is because being overweight increases the risk of getting affected by breast cancer by 30%.
    • The reason for this is that the presence of extra fat in the body leads to development of extra hormones of insulin or estrogen, which in turns stimulates the unhealthy growth of breast cells.
  • Exercise rhythm
    • Exercise is a lifesaver when it comes to preventing the occurrence of the breast cancer. If you find exercises as a boring thing to do, then go for Zumba or some dance exercises at least 5 times each week.
    • If zumba is also not your cup of tea, go for regular walks per day. The 3-4 hours of brisk walk can make a difference and reduce the risk of mortality by nearly 46% if suffering with breast cancer.
  • Limited intake of alcohol
    • The risk of development of breast cancer increases with the quantity of alcohol you intake. The alcohol is known to be increasing the level of estrogen in the body and thus aiding in the growth of tumor in the body.
    • Also, the alcohol is high on calorie count, thus a moderate drinking habit can help in preventing the risk of breast cancer. 

Secondary preventive method: 

  • Mammography
    • The mammography is considered as the best method to detect breast cancer in the early stages. For women aged 50 and above, a regular mammography screening is recommended, considering the high level of risk of catching the breast cancer.
    • However, it is your personal decision and you can start early with your routine of mammography screening.
  • Breast examinations
    • The breast self examination has a major role to play when it comes to detecting the breast cancer. When you don't get time to visit the doctor, it is always advisable to regularly conduct your breast self test.
    • You should conduct this test, just 3-5 days after you get your period because it is during this time that the hormonal changes take place in the body of a woman
  • Tamoxifen
    • Tamoxifen is an anti-estrogen drug which is given to the women to stop the recurrence of the breast cancer. The drug tests whether the breast cancer is sensitive to progesterone or estrogen. The drug is given for consecutive 5 years to the patients.

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