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Shockwave therapy is a multidisciplinary device used in sports medicine, physiotherapy, orthopedics, urology, and other veterinary medicine. DRHC provides you with the best physiotherapy in Dubai. DRHC is one of the few clinics in Dubai which provides the best physiotherapy treatment.

The biggest advantage of this therapy is that it gives fast results in pain relief and provides easy mobility. Since it is a non-surgical method and does not employ the use of medicines, tablets, or any allopathic means for curing the disease.


  • Shockwave is an acoustic wave that has high energy within itself and it is projected towards the pain or the muscle cramps area with the help of an applicator.
  • The high-energy acoustic waves pass through the skin and strike the inner muscles at a chronic and subchronic zone which creates a dishevel at the joint or the area of pain.
  • This induces a soft sensory change and muscles tend to fuse or move, which promotes the regenerative and reparative process of bones, muscles, and tendons which facilitates fast improvement.


  • Shockwave is not electrical in nature, the name may cause ambiguity to many of the readers.
  • They are not to be confused with other acoustic wave technology such as ultrasound, sonar or muscle stimulators.
  • Two major differences occur that distinguish shock waves from ordinary pressure waves. The shock wave travels faster than ordinary pressure waves. Secondly, the shock wave possesses a high degree of energy.

There are broadly two types of shock wave therapy.

1. Radial shockwaves Therapy -


They disperse in radial patterns and increase their diameter as they travel deeper into the soft tissues of the body. They are preferred to resolve larger regions of muscle dysfunction.

2. Focused shockwave -


They do not disperse but rather continue in a narrow beam pattern. This type of shock wave is best for small and extremely dense dysfunction of muscle.

How it’s done and for whom it's done?

  • When acoustic waves begin to enter a body, the high speed of these waves causes the gases in the blood and lymphatic tissues to expand quickly as many times as their original size.
  • The rapidly expanding gases cause intense pressure on the dysfunctional tissue, creating cavities or hollow voids, this process is called cavitation.
  • Voids have low pressure inside them and they quickly implode as quickly as they are formed. These repetitive implosions cause excess pressure on the dysfunctional muscle. Thus these shock waves - are sufficiently disruptive to cause dysfunctions to break apart.
  • The shockwave treatment is done for people suffering from jumper’s knee, painful shoulder, tennis elbow, heel spur, insertional pain, and others.

It’s Benefits:

  • Shock wave therapy provides an easy and fast improvement in the case relating to muscle injury, ligament strain, and bone displacement.
  • It has the potential to replace surgical treatment in various cases.

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