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A revolutionary new technique for the treatment of joint and muscular issues


  • Kinesiotaping is a revolutionary new technique that provides effective support and stability to the muscles and joints in case of an injury or even pain.
  • The technique is based on the body’s own healing process and works by activating the neurological and circulatory systems, which minimizes any hindrance to the circulation or motion of the affected parts.
  • The technique is also used for preventive maintenance of the muscles and to treat Edema.

How it works:

  • The Kinesiotaping technique relies on the use of elastic adhesive wearable tape that helps in extending soft tissue manipulation.
  • This specially designed and completely latex-free tape is made from a 100% gentle cotton fiber strip and has 100% medical grade acrylic adhesive.
  • It is extremely effective in minimizing discomfort and enhancing lymphatic drainage by lifting the skin microscopically.
  • This helps in reducing inflammation and pressure while also improving the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids across the affected area.


Who can use this treatment technique?

  • The Kinesiotaping technique can be used on a wide variety of patients after thoroughly evaluating their needs. The technique can be used for treating a variety of neuromuscular issues, reduction in pain and inflammation, improving performance, preventing injury, and even for enhancing blood circulation and healing.
  • The clinical evaluation of patient needs also determines the types of tape to be used and the direction and amount of stretch that needs to be applied at the time of application.
  • The tapes used for treatment are of different types and are categorized generally according to their shape, size and specific body part where they are used.

Benefits of this technique

  • Having learned about how it is done and for whom it is done, the next big question that needs to be answered is as to how Kinesiotaping proves advantageous.
  • The most important benefit offered by this innovative technology is that has a fairly versatile usage. This means that the technique can be used for the treatment of anything from headaches to foot problems and everything in between.
  • Another of its benefits is that, unlike the traditional taping method, this technique is non-restrictive, which means that the patients are allowed a full range of movement of the affected part. Furthermore, the technique does not obstruct the flow of essential body fluids to the area being treated.

A word of advice

  • In order to get the desired results from the Kinesiotaping treatment, it is essential for the patients to get themselves fully accessed.
  • This is important to help the doctors lay out the proper treatment protocol and make the technique more value-added.


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