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Our expert physiotherapist have extrem reputation in his field with extra safe application of manual physiotherapy techniques.


  • Manual therapy is part procedure of successful physiotherapy which is used for the treatment of various joint related problems. DRHC offers the best physiotherapy in Dubai.
  • Manual therapy employs the movement of different joints in specified direction and technique which increases the blood flow and relaxes the jammed nerves.
  •  Another term for it is a joint mobilization or joint manipulation.

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  •  The various types are:-
    • Massage
    • Joint mobilization
    • Joint manipulation
    • Scar mobilization
    • Strain counterstrain
    • Traction
    • Muscle energy technique
    • Manual lymph drainage

How it is done and for whom it is done?

  • Manual therapy has four fronts, psychological, biochemical, neurophysiological and mechanical.
  • It is the passive movement of the muscles, allowing it to stretch and flex the ligaments and joints .
  • Specific exercises are done by the patient for the improvement of scarred muscle motion.
  • The main beneficiary of the manual therapy are the patients who have joint restricted motion and are not able to mobilize with full efficiency.
  • Young children may also require manual therapy as well.
  • Manual therapy for sportsmen muscle injury can prevent going from any kind of surgery.

Its benefits

  • Manual therapy boosts muscle movement and functionality and even cured many patients which were unable to cure by undergoing any type of surgery.


The physiotherapy clinic at Dr Rami Hamed Center provides you the best option for sports physiotherapists.


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