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Homeopathy for Children

Homeopathy is well placed to offer safe, gentle and effective solutions for your child’s health - physically, mentally and emotionally. Childhood is the ideal time to introduce your child to homeopathy as the immune system is developing. Not only can it help when your child is ill, it can also help boost their immune system making them less susceptible to illness and infection.

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All children are continuously exposed to bacteria and viruses, but a child with a strong immune system tends to “bounce back” quickly after an illness. Conversely, a child with a weakened immune system can be more vulnerable to infections or more serious illnesses.

Any medicine administered to children must be free from harmful effects. Homeopathic pills do not affect digestion, do not lower resistance power, do not produce allergies and do not harm even if taken for long-term.

Children respond quicker to Homeopathy. It is effective for almost all sorts of complaints occurring in children. Contrary to the common misbelief, Homeopathy is fast acting and brings back the healthy state in the quickest possible manner; be it fever, cough-cold, diarrhoea, asthma, etc.

Homeopathy helps in building body resistance in children who have recurring infections due to lowered resistance power. Homeopathic treatment, being based on the 'Holistic Healing Approach,' treats the disease at the root level, hence enhancing the resistance power of the child. As a result, the child will not fall sick frequently. 

Homeopathy is also considered child friendly as the Homeopathic pills are sweet in taste and easily palatable by children. They are so easy to take that they can be easily given even to a couple of days old baby without forcefully inducing them, thus saving them from lot of crying and trouble.

All health-conscious parents today must know the diseases Homeopathy can treat. It is not possible to list below all conditions where Homeopathy is found effective. Here are some basic problems that most kids go through in day-to-day life. Besides the below-listed conditions, you must also think of Homeopathy for any resistant, difficult disorder. 


  • Infections: Children are prone to a variety of infections such as Cough & Cold, Flu, Ear Infections, Bronchitis, Skin-allergy, Gastroenteritis (Diarrhoea & Vomiting), Kidney & Urinary Tract infection, and many more. Homeopathy has remarkably fast acting treatment available for all above-mentioned disorders. 
  • AllergiesChild-Asthma (Asthmatic Bronchitis) is becoming a universal problem in children, where they are recurrently down with attacks of wheezing, cough and breathlessness. Homeopathy has exceptional treatment for such suffering that helps in long-term as well as to fight effectively an acute episode of wheezing, whereby the child can be kept away from strong medicines. Besides the respiratory allergy, Homeopathy works miraculously for skin allergy, Eczema, Urticaria, food-allergy, etc. 
  • Tonsillitis: Acute as well as recurring attacks of tonsillitis (inflamed tonsils) with high grade fever, is another common complaint found in children. As remarkably, almost all cases of recurring tonsillitis (including suppurating tonsils) can be cured with Homeopathy.
  • Mental and Emotional Disorders: Homeopathy can effectively treat kids with  disabilities seen in schools and various disorders occurring in children of this century like ADD/ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia.

Homeopathy has a unique line of treatment to pacify hyperactive, aggressive or violent children. Behavioural Disorders such as Examination fears, any other strange fears, Anxiety, Depression, Restlessness, Emotional disturbances, etc. can be successfully treated with Homeopathy. Various psychosomatic disorders such as Bed-wetting, Headaches, Gastritis and loss of appetite respond to Homeopathy as well. 

Parents today have recognized the scope and role of Homeopathic science for various health problems worldwide. So help your children to grow with natural, safe, gentle, non-toxic, effective and rapid acting medicines and stay healthy with Homeopathy because Health is Happiness.


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