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Menopause: What does it mean for you?

Every woman (and man) sooner or late will reach the stage of menopause. Natural menopause starts at the age of 48-51 years old. It happens when ovaries stop their function. They are running out of egg cells and as a result they are unable to produce oestrogen and progesterone as it was usually.  
Menopause itself is the last menstrual period in woman’s life. But we can confirm it only retrospectively after 12 months. 
In most cases the age of menopause is determined by genes, but environment also can influence the timing of the menopause.

Once the woman enters menopause her condition is characterized by estrogen deficiency and she starts having different bothersome symptoms:

  • Vasomotor symptoms of Menopause – hot flashes, sweats and chills, joints and body pain
  • Physiological symptoms of Menopause – irritability, anxiety, mood swings, lethargy, fatigue and lack of energy, poor memory, inability to concentrate, migraines, weight gain
  • Psychological symptoms of Menopause – depression, feelings of loneliness, difficulties in communication with partner, social isolation
  • 3-5 years after the onset of menopause genitourinary symptoms appear - urogenital atrophy, dryness, burning, itching, pain during intercourse, urinary stress incontinence, frequent urination, urinary tract infection, sexual dysfunction. 
  • 10-20 years after the onset of menopause the consequences of menopause appear in a form of cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis


Not every woman will suffer from menopausal symptoms but every woman will have metabolic consequences of the menopause. 75% of all women worldwide will report having the symptoms mentioned above and one-third of them will have moderate and severe symptoms and will need treatment. The mode of treatment depends on many factors – the severity of the symptoms, current/past medical history and family history, woman’s cultural and personal preferences. The most effective treatment is HRT – hormonal replacement therapy. Non-hormonal treatment is also available but it is less effective.

Menopause Treatment in Dubai:

Unfortunately, many women are not aware of the availability of treatment for menopause symptoms. Another problem is that physicians are reluctant to prescribe the appropriate medication due to a lack of appropriate training. This happened due to certain reasons. Fortunately, the situation has been changed recently. More and more women are now aware of the problems related to menopause and about the treatment options.
at Dr. Rami Hamed Center

  • You will receive the latest information about Menopause
  • After assessment, we will tell you whether your symptoms are related to menopause or something else, what treatment options are available for you (HRT/non-HRT), whether you are a good candidate for HRT or whether you have contraindications for it and also you will be answered all your questions. 
  • A Gynecology Expert will explain to you when to come for a follow-up and how to maintain your health in good condition.

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