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  • The extremely embarrassing problem of urinary Incontinence or loss of bladder control is quite common, especially amongst older people.
  • Contrary to the popular belief, urinary incontinence is not a disease but rather a symptom, which is often indicative of a more serious health issues.
  • In most cases the underlying problems causing the condition are generally easily treatable with the right medication.
  • In addition, the patients can prevent the onset of the condition in the first place by following a healthy lifestyle and the consuming the right diet.
  • If left untreated for a long time, urinary incontinence can lead to problems such as urinary tract infections, skin problems and even lifestyle issues.
  • Factors that are likely to enhance the risk of urinary incontinence include obesity, smoking, growing age, gender and family history.

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Dubai Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic at DRHC now provides top male and female Gynecologist in Dubai to enhance the service on Cosmetic Gynecology,Surgical GynecologyContraception, Menopause,Labiaplasty and so on.

Dr. Lama Omer

Dr. Lama Omer Sibai

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