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Colposcopy is a non-invasive screening procedure used for cervical cancer screening, this test lets your doctor get a close-up look at the cervix to determine what is causing the abnormal-looking cervix or abnormal pap smear.

It will give us straight away the abnormal changes which will look different from normal mucosa and this will guide the doctor to take a biopsy from the suspected abnormally looking areas.

  • The biopsy will be examined by the pathologist. Reporting will be done and this will tell us exactly if there is cancer or pre-cancer changes.
  • HPV testing is important which is usually done with a pap smear sample and will be reported as negative or positive. Positive will be specified if a high-risk virus or low-risk virus is found. The high-risk virus with cervical smear changes will need to proceed for colposcopy, as the HPV viral changes are found in 90% of cervical cancer as per studies.
  • If colposcopy findings are normal, it is usually assuring but if any abnormal areas are found, acetowhite areas will be biopsied and sometimes can be treated on the same setup by LLETZ or other procedures which will remove the affected areas by the virus and protect the patient from progressing into precancer or cancer stage.


Finally, the doctor will advise follow-up with normal pap smear screening or repeat colposcopy accordingly and to put and schedule for your smear testing intervals.

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