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  • Endometriosis and Adenomyosis are both responsible for a wide range of problems in women. To book an appointment with an endometriosis specialist in Dubai call +97142798200.
  • Although both these conditions affect the uterus and can lead to issues like abdominal pain, heavy periods and infertility problems, the two ailments are quite different from one another.
  • Endometriosis is the condition in which the endometrial tissue, which is generally found inside the uterus, starts growing outside it as well. On the other hand, Adenomyosis is a condition in which the endometrial lining starts growing through the muscles of the uterus.
  • Despite extensive research, the reasons that cause both these conditions are yet to be identified.
  • In addition, there is no definite cure for either ailment although the problems associated with them can be managed with the right treatment and medication as advised by an expert medical professional. DRHC offers the best gynecologist for endometriosis in Dubai.
  • Endometriosis is the presence of endometrial tissue (The lining of the uterus) outside the uterus. It could be found anywhere in the body, but the most common sites are the ovary and the pelvic peritoneum.
  • Symptoms
    • Patient with cyclic pain beginning 1-2 weeks before menses and peaking 1-2 days before the onset of menses then subsides.
    • Also patients can suffer dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia, abnormal bleeding, bowel and bladder symptoms and infertility.
  • Diagnosis
    • Diagnosis is made by clinical assessment and direct visualization of endometrial lesions implants that appear like rust-colored to dark brown powder burns or blue-coloured raspberry lesions.
    • The ovary may develop a cystic collection of endometriosis filled with thick, dark, old blood known as endometriomas or chocolate cysts.
  • Treatment
    • Medical treatment is aimed at suppression and atrophy of the endometrial tissue, but it is not a definitive treatment as endometrial implants and symptoms often recur following cessation of treatment.
    • On the other hand, there is no role for medical management in patients attempting to conceive. Women with advanced endometriosis, endometriomas, and infertility need surgical management.
  • Surgical treatment
    • Surgical treatment could be conservative or definitive
    • Conservative surgery is fulguration or excision of any visible endometrial implants laparoscopically, adhesiolysis and laparoscopic cystectomy. (For patients who don’t desire immediate pregnancy, restarting medical therapy to control pain)
    • Definitive surgical therapy includes total hysterectomy with salpingo-oophorectomy, lysis of adhesions and removal of visible endometriosis lesions.

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