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DRHC Dubai Gynecology Clinic

Well Women's Check-up - Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic in Dubai

“When women are healthy community thrives.”

                                                                       (WPSI, USA)

In our modern fast-moving age people are so busy and tired that they cannot even find 2-3 days for themselves to have a general checkup. They visit Doctors only when the problem appears but this is already late.

What is needed is only to slow your pace and give your body and mind a little time to check your health condition, identify some hidden diseases or problems, and treat them in advance. Sometimes even the treatment is not required but requires only lifestyle modification and an understanding of the possible individual risks. Ironically, health is the most important thing to everyone and it is the least one people nowadays think seriously about it.

What health does itself mean for every woman?

It is of course her reproductive health - regular periods, ability to get pregnant, safe pregnancy and birth. It is also a safe sexual life and reliable and safe contraception. During menopausal and peri-menopausal periods it is a good mood, good sleep, being full of energy and it is the absence of genito-urinary problems.

But not only physical health is important. Mental health is crucial for every person nowadays. Ironically, the higher the socio-economic status has a woman, the more often she experiences mood disturbances, anxiety, difficulties in sexual life, difficulties in relationships, and depression.

Our “Well Woman clinic” offers a new and based on the latest scientific evidence check-up program, which looks into all segments and aspects of your body and health.

Experience the most advanced approach to check up on your female health in our Dr Rami Hamed Center, Dubai Health Care City.

Our specialist and consultant doctors have many years of experience here in Dubai and abroad. They participate in regular patient care, teaching, and research in the fields of gynecology, fetal development, complicated obstetrics, and surgical and medical conditions of the female reproductive system. We focus on treating a wide spectrum of conditions such as reproductive endocrinology, infectious gynecological disease, and oncology medical issues.