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It is a common condition affecting 1 in 5 women, causing hormonal imbalance resulting in several symptoms which varies from patient to patient. It has no cure. Many women are unaware of having it.

Common symptoms may include:

  • Irregular periods or delayed periods for several months.
  • Difficulty in getting pregnant due to failure of ovulation or infrequent ovulation which may lead to infertility.
  • Excessive weight gain and difficulty in loosing weight due to insulin resistance.
  • Excessive hair growth (hirsutism) mainly on face and body (chest, back, buttocks) due to excess of male hormone (androgen).
  • Hair fall.
  • Very oily skin with acne and dark spots (skin hyperpigmentation).


  • Insulin resistance (will have abnormal glucose tolerance test).
  • Hyperandrogenic status (high testosterone level).
  • Absent ovulation, can be found by low serum progesterone done on day 21 of women period or failure of forming an egg during pelvis ultrasound for ovulation tracking on Days 11, 13, and 15 of cycle.
  • Reverse of hormonal ratios LH/FSH.

Causes of PCO:

  • Hereditary, family history of PCO.
  • Obesity causes metabolic syndrome and hormonal imbalance, with high BMI.
  • Inflammation, many women have low grade inflammation causing excess androgen in her blood circulation leading to symptoms of excess hair growth, skin pigmentation, and acne.

Future risks on your health:

  • Type II diabetes mellitus.
  • Gestational diabetes.
  • Pregnancy-induced hypertension.
  • Fatty liver – cardiovascular disease.
  • Endometrial cancer.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Infertility.


  • Life style modification is the main way to control it by doing daily exercises and avoiding high carbs in your diet.
  • Medications:Oral contraceptive pills to make your periods regular and for protection for ovaries and uterus (endometrial cancer protection).
  • Ovulation-inducing drugs if aiming for pregnancy.
  • Anti-androgen drugs to reduce and cure the acne and reduce extra hair growth with thinning of hair.
  • Metformin and other insulin sensitizing drugs for weight reduction and improving ovarian function.
  • Surgeries, laparoscopic ovarian drilling which improves fertility. Many patients get pregnant spontaneously after drilling.
  • IVF in the form of induction of ovulation, collection of eggs and combining them in laboratory which will lead to forming embryo, and finally embryo transfer with high successful rate in infertility patients.

Early diagnosis and treatment may help to avoid all complications and maintain the ovarian function.

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