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Pregnancy is a critical event in the life of any family. What if abnormality in the cervix is noted during pregnancy? what to do? 
  • Pregnant women routinely undergo cervical cytology screening at the first prenatal visit.
  • It is not uncommon to discover abnormal cervical smear for the first-time during pregnancy.
  • Colposcopy is generally performed by 20 weeks gestation with biopsy taken from suspected areas.
  • Pregnancy may produce changes in the cervical epithelium that mimic dysplasia.
  • If significant changes (CIN II/II)I has been found, then colposcopic examination should be done each trimester.
  • Endo-cervical curettage is not performed during pregnancy because of the risk of abortion on infection.
  • Treatment is deferred into postpartum period.
  • Conization is indicated only in case of early invasive disease.

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