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What Is the Eligibility For A Full Endoscopic Discectomy? Reasons Why You Should Consider It

Eligibility For a Full Endoscopic Discectomy:

According to evidence-based practice, patients who undergo Full Endoscopic Discectomy recover faster and adjust to their normal lives more easily than those who undergo Open Discectomy. The primary goal of a Full Endoscopic Discectomy is to relieve the pain and symptoms caused by a herniated disc.

Full endoscopic procedures have the same indications as open procedures. Correct diagnoses must be made based on the patient's history, physical exam, imaging studies, and response to conservative and other treatments.

If the patient is an appropriate candidate for a full endoscopic procedure, the clinical decision and therapeutic path should be determined.

Patient History:

If the patient has radicular pain and a neurological deficit, endoscopic procedures may be the best option.

1- Physical Exam: The patient has lower back pain that radiates to the leg, as well as lower limb weakness and numbness, and a positive Straight Leg Raising test.

2- Imaging Studies: An MRI scan must show intervertebral disc bulging or herniation, as well as spinal stenosis that compresses the nerve root.

3- Failure to treat: when the patient's condition does not respond to conservative treatment and physical therapy after a month.

Why Should You Consider Full Endoscopic Discectomy (Fed):

The advantages of Full endoscopic discectomy can be summarised as follows:

  • Because of the high level of visualization and the approved technique, this is a safe procedure.
  • Minimal post-operative pain and rapid mobilization
  • 5 mm incision with minimal scarring
  • A prompt return to work.
  • very little blood loss, usually less than 10 MLS
  • No overnight hospitalization is required for the day-stay procedure.
  • Less risk of retained fragments due to a high level of visualization, resulting in a much lower reapportion rate.
  • There is a lower risk of complications like neural irritation and Dural tear.
  • The educational benefit to the medical team is as the procedure is seen on monitors by all staff.
  • Under direct vision, revision cases are easily handled.
  • Significantly less operating time, especially on obese patients.

What Conditions Does Endoscopic Discectomy Treat?

  1. Foraminal and spinal stenosis
  2. Spondylolisthesis
  3. Syndrome of failed back surgery
  4. The disease of the degenerative disc
  5. Sciatica discomfort
  6. Radicular discomfort
  7. Disc bulge
  8. Facet joint or vertebral body arthritis
  9. Spurs on the bones

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