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Endoscopic Spinal discectomy - Advantages & Disadvantages.

Full endoscopic discectomy FED is a state of an art minimally invasive spinal surgery which changed the perception of the public from fairly complicated open surgery to an elite day-case surgery that is hardly associated with any complication or any significant post-operative pain. therefore the advantages significantly outweigh the disadvantages.

The advantages of full endoscopic discectomy can be summarised as follows:

  • Safe procedure due to high level of visualization and approved technique.
  • Very minimal post-operative pain, and very early mobilization.
  • 5 mm incision leaving hardly any scar.
  • early return to work.
  • very minimal blood loss, not exceeding 10 MLS in most cases.
  • Day-stay procedure with no need for overnight hospitalization.
  • less risk of retained fragment owing to the high level of visualization hence much less reapportion rate. 
  • less risk of complications such as neural irritation and dural tear.
  • the educational benefit to the medical team as the procedure is seen by all staff on monitors.
  • revision cases can be easily handled under direct vision. 
  • much less operating time particularly on obese patients. 

The disadvantages, on the other hand, are limited to;

  • Higher cost procedure due to the advanced instrumentation required.
  • occasionally it may be difficult due to anatomical reasons, particularly in the elderly with severe facet joint enlargement causing narrowing in the interlaminar space.
  • The endoscopic experience and high-end scopes, bridge the 2D visualization.    

Dr. Rami Hamed Center offers a competitive advantage when it comes to full endoscopic discectomy with the availability of high-end instruments and devices required for this procedure coupled with the trained staff and extensive experience in spinal surgery.


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