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What Are The Types Of Full Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

Types Of Full Endoscopic Surgery:

FESS is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is performed to remove a herniated disc from the spinal canal. FESS has been shown to have similar clinical outcomes and lower complication rates when compared to open discectomy.

There are two types of FESS:
  • Transforaminal-approach type (ETLD)
  • Interlaminar-approach type (ILAD)

ETLD involves the removal of the herniated disc from the back side of the spine by using an endoscope and small instruments inserted through a small incision in the back. ILAD involves the removal of the herniated disc by cutting it out from between two adjacent vertebrae with an endoscope inserted through a small incision in front.

See A Specialist for Full Endoscopic Discectomy At DRHC:

Dr. Rami Hamed is a highly reputable consultant Orthopaedic and spinal surgeon in Dubai, working in Dubai Health Care City. He specializes in advanced arthroscopic orthopedics and endoscopic spinal surgery, having performed over 10000 cases with great success in his 25-year career. Additionally, Dr. Rami has extensive experience in Orthopaedics and trauma surgery, with a special interest in sports injuries and spinal surgery.

With the most advanced available technology, Dr. Rami strives to provide the best experience in terms of patient treatment, recovery, and overall satisfaction. His experience and knowledge of treating more than 3000 spinal operations on his records provide a defining role in delivering a high percentage of recovery and success rate for his patients for Full Endoscopic Discectomy surgery.

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Cost For Full Endoscopic Discectomy at DRHC:

The package consists of:

  • Pre-Operative Procedures Anaesthesia examination and investigation A check-up for chronic diseases is not included.
  • Surgery Fee
  • Charges for operating rooms
  • Private standard room rates - (days Stay).
  • Fees for daily doctor visits during the stay.
  • Medication used routinely during surgery and admission
  • Routine post-operative laboratory tests
  • Radiology Routine imaging after surgery medical supplies
  • Each additional level of decompression is charged at AED 10,000

Package Cost

  • AED 45,000 single-level decompression
  • AED 10,000 for each additional level

Extra Charge

  • Each additional level of decompression is charged at AED 10,000

Packages exclude

  • Extra ICU bed charges are AED 3500 per day.
  • Additional stay days will be charged as per the occupied room rate. approximately 2500 per night.
  • Upgrade of room grade is chargeable.
  • Other specialty consultations are not included.
  • Any special test, procedures, or service not related to the current operation is chargeable extra.
  • Medications on discharge are not included.

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