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How A Full Endoscopic Discectomy (FED) is Performed?

Full Endoscopic Discectomy Procedure:

To ensure that you are completely pain-free throughout the procedure, a local anesthetic will be administered to you. Following sedation, a cut through your back's muscle tissue close to the herniated disc will be made. A 14-inch metal tube is inserted to give the surgeon access to the disc, and a dilator is used to keep the incision open. The surgeon can see the herniated disc clearly and decide what needs to be removed after inserting an HD camera/endoscope. Microscopic tools are inserted through the endoscope in order to remove the herniated disc. The annular layer of the disc is cleaned of any tears, and any growing nerves are treated with a laser to destroy them. The laser shrinks and mends the tears while maintaining the integrity of the disc. The metal tube is removed and the incision is closed once the procedure is complete.

Difference between Full Endoscopic Discectomy (FED) and Conventional open Discectomy (OD):

The following are the differences between FED and open discectomy:

  • FED has a shorter hospital stay than open discectomy;
  • FED demonstrated a lower estimated blood loss; and
  • FED has a shorter postoperative hospitalization than open discectomy
  • FED is less invasive than an open discectomy, requiring only a 6 to 8-millimeter incision, and it has a lower risk of complications.

How Different is Full Endoscopic Discectomy (FED) vs Micro endoscopic Discectomy

The difference between a Full Endoscopic Discectomy (FED) and a Micro endoscopic Discectomy is that:

  • a FED requires a smaller incision—less than one centimetre—while a Micro endoscopic Discectomy requires an incision of between 2.5 and 5 centimetres.
  • FED has a lower risk of complications than Micro endoscopic Discectomy FED has a shorter postoperative hospital stay than Micro endoscopic Discectomy.
  • FED demonstrated a lower bleeding chance than Micro endoscopic Discectomy.

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