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Endoscopic Spinal Discectomy-(what is the limitation)

Endoscopic Spinal Discectomy-
(What is the limitation)

Full Endoscopic Spinal discectomy advances in instrumentation and techniques, and surgeon experience left no real limitation when it comes to surgery on the posterior lumbar spine as both transforaminal and inter-laminar approaches allow dealing with almost all cases, some technical and anatomical features can be difficult but all are possible to safely do in the lumbar region. There are limitations to dealing with some intra-dural lesions and cases requiring dural repair as current instruments and methods are not fully developed and effective to deal with these rare cases.  

In the thoracic spine, posterior transforaminal surgery is very effective in many cases, but the posterior inter-laminar approach is limited due to the anatomy of the thoracic spine leaving no inter-laminar space. Without going into very technical details for the general public understanding, posterior thoracic decompression is very rarely needed.

In the Cervical spine, both anterior and posterior techniques were developed but there is a reservation on both for the following reasons. the posterior technique is rather safe and yield good result, but in my view this only resolve arm pain and does not resolve the axial neck pain related to the degenerative disc disease, As the anterior cervical spine is fairly easy, safe, and resolve both arm and neck pain with no significant morbidity and excellent long term results, i personally prefer anterior surgery with artificial disc replacement as a full lifetime solution. The Anterior endoscopic approach is possible but carries possible risks even for inexperienced hands which are not justified in my opinion as no real advantage with this technique when analyzing the benefit/risk ratio.  

At Dr. Rami Hamed Center - Dubai, we analyse the benefit /risk ratio of each discectomy procedure and offer our patients the most suitable solution and of course, endoscopic technique is our top-of-the-list priority whenever applicable.   

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