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  • Wrist ligament injuries could happen in a car accident or while playing sports, especially if the hand is used to protect the body during the fall. DRHC offers the best hand specialist in Dubai.
  • Any injury to the ligaments can disturb the normal mechanics of our wrist bones and joints causing them to wear out faster resulting in significant pain and eventually leading to arthritis. Call +97142798200 for an appointment with a hand surgeon in Dubai DRHC
  • Most effects come from injury to the Scapho-lunate ligament.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties related to the wrist, then consult with orthopedic specialist in Dubai DRHC.

Check-up by Orthopedics and Treatment:

  • Many patients fall and injure their wrist and assume they have a sprain. They treat the sprain with rest for a few weeks and then resume their activities. Many ligament injuries go unrecognized until much later when they cause problems. 
  • Usually, the diagnosis starts with the orthopedic doctor's examination. The doctor physically examines the wrist joint to see how the wrist moves, how it is aligned, and exactly where it hurts.
  • At the next level, the physician might order an X-ray to check if there is a fracture of the wrist or any disturbed mechanics of joints or alignment of the bones.
  • Additionally, Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI might be used to get a better idea of the damaged ligaments as MRI shows the soft tissues, unlike X-rays.
  • The final diagnosis of the ligament tear might be done through Arthroscopy or using a mini-camera to check for the ligament that is inserted into the wrist joint.
  • The treatment of a ligament injury depends on whether it just happened within weeks or something that happened months ago.
  • In cases where the ligaments are completely torn and the joints are no longer lined up, surgery may be suggested to either repair the ligaments or pin the bones together in the proper alignment to hold them in place while the ligaments heal.

Surgery and expert treatment for Sports Injuries:

  • When the ligament damage is discovered six months or more after the initial injury, the ligament may need to be reconstructed.
  • This procedure involves making an incision over the wrist joint and locating the torn ligament. Once this is done, a tendon graft (from the palmaris longus tendon of the same wrist) is used to replace the ligaments that have been torn.
  • Metal pins may be used to hold the bones stationary while the tendon graft heals. The pins are removed six to eight weeks after the surgery.

After Surgery:

  • Post the surgery, the hand and wrist will be bandaged with a well-padded dressing and a splint for support for three to six weeks.
  • Physiotherapy sessions may be needed for up to three months after surgery.
  • Patients do exercises that help strengthen and stabilize the muscles around the wrist joint. Other exercises are also used to improve the fine motor control and dexterity of the hand.

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