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An effective way to Treat Wrist Arthritis

  • There are several reasons that might cause arthritis of the wrist resulting in extreme pain and discomfort for the patients.
  • Although the non-surgical methods might provide temporary relief to some patients, they might not prove to be a lasting option.
  • However, in case the pain in the wrist becomes unbearable and the non-surgical treatments do not prove effective at all, then the general or even pediatric orthopedics might recommend a surgical solution, which is also known as wrist fusion.

About Wrist Fusion Procedure:

  • A wrist fusion is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the wrist joint and fusion of the forearm bones into the wrist bone, with the help of screws.
  • The procedure is suggested by an orthopedic specialist only after a thorough detailed check-up and treatment through non-surgical methods fail to provide any significant results.
  • The procedure is mainly of two types as discussed below.
      • Total Wrist Fusion
        • This is the most common and traditional form of wrist fusion, wherein the entire wrist joint is removed.
        • The surgery also involves the fusion of the forearm bones with the wrist bones to turn them into a single bone.
        • This is achieved by using a part of the hip bone as the fusion cement and a metal plate and screws are used to further stabilize the new construct. 
        • Total wrist fusion results in a restricted circular motion of the wrist and the hand, although it increases the stability and strength of the limb.
      • Partial Wrist Fusion
        • This method of wrist fusion is relatively new but is gaining significant popularity because it does not involve the removal of the entire wrist.
        • In fact, the procedure comprises of removal of only a part of the wrist joint and the fusion of the remaining bones with the help of clips and screws.
        • Unlike the total fusion procedure, this type of surgery helps in retaining some circular motion of the wrist.
      • However, this is not achieved at the cost of compromising the strength of the wrist or providing limited pain relief.


Expected Results:
  • Most patients opting for a wrist fusion 
  • procedure can expect significant relief in pain and improved movement of the hand.
  • While heavy tasks might cause some bit of pain, lighter tasks can be accomplished quite easily and this is one of the major reasons that individuals offering expert treatment for sports injuries might not suggest total wrist fusion surgery to their patients.
  • There are no significant complications associated with the surgery that do not get naturally cured with time. 
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