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Dubai Hand & Wrist clinic offers the latest in wrist joint arthritis treatment including wrist replacement and is led by Dr Rami Hamed, expert surgeon at DRHC Dubai

The human wrist is a complicated joint that not only allows delicate and variable motion used for writing, artwork, and typing but also allows for the strength required for lifting weights, gymnastics, and manual work.

A practical wrist is important for many daily activities that need a combination of motion, strength, and sensibility. The wrist bones are held together and also to the hand as well as the forearm by a complex system of ligaments and tendons.

The integrity of these structures is essential for various types of stability of the wrist joint and if compromised it will lead to chronic pain as a result of the instability and lead to long-term painful arthritis due to improper movements and imbalanced loading of the joint. 

The irritation of rheumatoid can eat away the cartilage in the wrist joint, causing rheumatoid arthritis. Wrist fractures (breaks) that involve the joint may take steps as well as gaps in the joint surface which lead to arthritis. Fractures of wrist bones, especially the scaphoid, that don't heal might lead to an irregular load of the wrist and cause arthritis. 

Treatment options for wrist arthritis:

  1. Steroid and local anesthetic injections into the wrist or distal radioulnar joint can be helpful in certain circumstances. These might flare the pain up in the wrist for 48 hours afterward as well as the impact can be temporary, as they don't usually affect the arthritic process.
  2. Removable wrist splints might help to limit discomfort generally or can be worn to support the wrist only for heavier activities that can cause discomfort.
  3. Arthroscopic wrist surgery may be recommended for many indications and reasons during the process of arthritis and can help with the pain. The different cartilage surfaces of the wrist might be seen through tiny incisions on the back of the wrist. These procedures are utilized for focal arthritis and wrist pain. The goal is to reduce wrist pain by reducing the mechanical issue in the wrist. The general reason behind doing these procedures is to retain wrist motion while enhancing wrist pain. 
  4. Wrist Arthroplasty or replacement is a very advanced option in the treatment of wrist arthritis with very satisfactory results. The cartilage covering the bone is removed and replaced with a biocompatible metallic prosthesis articulating against a polyethylene end.

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