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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition when the median nerve passing through the carpal tunnel gets compressed due to an inflammatory process, or due to anatomical factors causing pain in the wrist mainly at night, in addition to tingling and numbness in the thumb and neighbouring fingers and also affecting your grip power. DRHC offers the best hand specialist in Dubai. To book an appointment call +97142798200.

Our orthopedic surgeon for carpal tunnel syndrome has years of experience in treating this problem. We offer advanced keyhole carpal tunnel surgery in Dubai.

The case is usually diagnosed clinically and can be helped with further investigation including an MRI scan or a nerve conduction study.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment:

DRHC offers the best hand surgeon in Dubai. Mild cases of carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated conservatively with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and wrist splint, but once the symptoms are becoming continuous and disturbing to lifestyle, treatment is usually surgical decompression. Carpal tunnel syndrome

How carpal tunnel surgery is usually carried out:

Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery is usually done after the failure of conservative treatment and when symptoms are moderate to severe. It’s performed under local anesthesia either with an open incision or as keyhole surgery.

Open surgery is carried out using a 2.5 cm skin cut at the base of the palm and the transverse carpal ligament is cut to release the median nerve and inspect the tunnel. The procedure takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes with no significant risk of any complication. The patient would be able to leave the outpatient surgical center within 20 minutes after the procedure. There will be local mild pain for a few days before the patient can use his hand. The wound is usually closed in a cosmetic way using fast absorbable sutures leaving no significant scar to worry about. 

The keyhole surgery offers no advantage over the open technique as research confirmed, and in fact, it has more risk of complications including recurrence and nerve injury.  

Carpal tunnel release surgery in Dubai hand and wrist clinic at Dr. Rami Hamed Center:

All our patients who had carpal tunnel syndrome surgery had great satisfaction and results with no complications. Our patients will receive aftercare included in the package. This includes 2 follow-up appointments and 2 physiotherapy sessions if required.

Any unlikely complication requiring additional treatment can be covered under separate terms and conditions. You are advised to ask for a special price to cover the unlikely complications before the surgery is carried out.

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The package price is AED 9200 including 2 follow-up consultations. The initial consultation is charged separately.

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