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Everything you needed to know

  • Arthroscopy is a procedure in which specialized equipment and a camera are utilized through small surgical cuts.
  • The main objective behind this is to evaluate, diagnose, and treat any kind of problems inside a joint.
  • The whole procedure is a minimally invasive one and the patients tend to recover a lot more quickly than a conventional surgery.

Wrist Arthroscopy

  • Wrist Arthroscopy is basically a surgery that enables the doctor to have a deep look inside a joint.
  • This type of surgery is performed when a patient suffers an injury due to twisting of the wrist or a fall.
  • The patient will experience pain, swelling, or clicks. Any of these symptoms suggest that something is wrong with the wrist. Wrist Arthroscopy is one of the best ways to have a look at the injury of the wrist and begin with the treatment procedure.
  • The procedure will help in the aligning of the fractures of the wrist, wash out infection, and remove any kind of ganglions of the wrist.
  • Along with the knee and the shoulder, the wrist is also a common joint that undergoes arthroscopy. A patient would face minimal pain, stiffness, and swelling.

Why is Wrist Arthroscopy Performed?

Wrist Arthroscopy is performed to:

  • Align wrist fractures.
  • Wash out infections in the wrist.
  • Remove any ganglions of the wrist.
  • Minimize patient discomfort, as it usually results in minimal pain, stiffness, and swelling post-surgery.

Who Needs Wrist Arthroscopy?

Wrist Arthroscopy is recommended for patients:

Diagnosis & Treatment:

  • Wrist arthroscopy enables the doctor to see the cartilage surfaces of the bones and the ligaments.
  • The parts of the ligament which have sufficient blood supply will heal and can be repaired. However, the other parts without the blood supply will not heal, due to which they are removed.
  • During the arthroscopy, a small camera is fixed at the end of the narrow tube that is placed through the medium of a small cut in the skin at the back side of the wrist joint.
  • The image that is formed is then projected on a television screen which will result in a better view.
  • The numerous small cuts will enable the surgeon to keep the camera in different positions. This will allow them to have a close look at the cartilage of every bone.

Recovery post-surgery:

  • Once the surgery has been done the patient is kept in a bandage in order to prevent any type of wrist motion. This will safeguard them from further damage and provide the patient with relief.
  • The patient is encouraged to make a movement of the fingers which will limit the impact of stiffness and swelling.

Wrist Arthroscopy is considered a leading treatment for sports injuries and is one of the least invasive procedures for treating various wrist injuries. With its quick recovery time and high success rate, it’s a preferred choice for many patients and healthcare professionals alike.

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