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Thumb Arthritis Treatment:

Once diagnosed with thumb arthritis, your physician might offer you numerous different treatment options.
They're more than likely to start with conventional treatments like anti-inflammatories or cortisone injections. These treatments might relieve your symptoms and reduce pain for a brief time period, however, in most cases they will not entirely solve the problem. If these treatments don't help your pain, your doctor might refer you to a surgeon to discuss your suffering. Once conservative treatment isn't successful any longer, your doctor might recommend an operation. Here are the most typical surgical procedures used to take care of CMC arthritis.

Trapezial resection with ligament reconstruction:

This procedure calls for complete or partial removal of the arthritic bone (Trapezium) in the base of the CMC joint. A series of little cuts are made in the arm to divide a tendon, which is then put in the base of the thumb to fill out the region where the trapezium bone was removed. The thumb now rests on a soft tendon cushion, not on a hard arthritic bone. Immobilization is for 6 weeks and mobility after the operation will be limited.

CMC Joint fusion:

The two arthritic bones are connected together through a screw or plate. The bones will grow together, removing painful bone-on-bone contact, but also removing any movement at that joint. Fusion is generally inappropriate to many individuals due to the lack of activity in the joint. Fusion frequently leads to arthritis in adjacent joints as these joints become overused once the thumb joint is just fused. Following a fusion is completed you'll be immobilized to get 6 to 8 weeks.arthritis of the thumb

CMC Joint replacement or arthroplasty:

The ultimate solution for not losing the flexibility of the hand is to consider CMC implant arthroplasty which is the most advanced solution for the base of the thumb arthritis. A part of the bone in the base of the thumb metacarpal is removed and the implant is inserted in the space from the damaged joint. A brand new socket that delivers a smooth surface to get the implant to move in is formed.

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Your hand is then put into a cast that maintains the thumb joint in a particular position while your healing starts. You'll be in a cast for 4 to 6 weeks, depending upon your healing.Dubai Hand Wrist Clinic - Dr. Rami Hamed Center provides treatment and surgery for wrist pain, fractured wrist, wrist arthroscopy, wrist surgery, wrist fusion, and wrist replacement. Call +97142798200 to Schedule Your Appointment Today.