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  • It is a well known fact that breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer to affect women of all ages.
  • The disease is caused by the uncontrolled growth of healthy cells within the breast to the extent that they lead to the formation of a tumor.
  • The tumor is either benign or cancerous, which respectively means that it can grow further but not spread to other parts of body or that it can both grow and spread through the entire body.
  • Thankfully, with timely detection and treatment of both types of tumors is now possible and this can help in saving the life of patients from being consumed by this deadly disease.

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Treating Breast Cancer

  • The treatment plan for breast cancer varies in accordance with the type of cancer, its stage at the time of diagnosis, its reaction to hormone therapies and the patients’ age and general health conditions.
  • There are several options available for treating this ailment, the most common of which are discussed as follows:
    • Surgery:
      • This is the most common method of treating breast cancer and involves the removal of the tumor along with a part of the healthy tissue surrounding it.
      • The surgical procedure is further of two types, namely lumpectomy and mastectomy depending upon whether the tumor is benign or malignant.
      • In case of benign tumors, the doctors might operate upon the breast to remove just the tumor and a small amount of surrounding tissue.
      • However, in case the cancer is malignant, the doctors might choose to remove the entire breast or even both the breasts depending upon the extent of spread of the malignancy.
    • Radiation Therapy:
      • Radiation therapy is a way of treating breast cancer where the tumer is not too large in size and has yet to spread to the lymph node. 
      • It is also suggested to patients before and after the surgery for cancer treatment as it is highly effective in destroying any remnant cancer cells and eliminating any chances of revival of this fatal disease.
      • The treatment involves the use of high-energy X-rays and other particles focused on the abnormal cell growth for their destruction.
    • Chemotherapy: 
      • Chemotherapy is another common method used for destroying the cancer cell by inducing the appropriate drugs and chemicals into the blood stream.
      • Like radiotherapy, this method of treatment can suffice only in case of extremely small tumors that have not reached the lymph node.
      • The treatment is administered either intravenously, or through the use of subcutaneous or even in an intramuscular or oral manner.

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