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Understanding Red Eye: Common Causes and Treatment

My eyes are usually red, is that normal?

Normally our eyes are white which is the color of the sclera covered by a transparent layer rich in blood vessels called conjunctiva. The appearance of red eyes is caused by the dilation of those blood vessels that are located between the sclera and the overlying conjunctiva of the eye. These tiny blood vessels which are normally invisible can become swollen because of environmental or lifestyle-related reasons or because of specific eye problems.

Red eye can happen simply due to eye fatigue from inadequate sleep hours, excess usage of screens or long time reading, exposure to allergens like pollution and dust or it may be due to serious eye disease like uveitis or glaucoma.

Possible causes of my red eye:

How to get rid of red eyes?

Because red eyes have many causes it can be difficult to differentiate, visiting your eye doctor is a must as early as possible because as we mentioned it can be an alarm of a serious eye disease.

The doctor will examine your eyes with a slit lamp to check your cornea, conjunctiva, sclera, iris, anterior chamber, and pupil reaction, check your eye pressure, and examine the retina by doing a fundus examination.

After a full eye exam, the doctor will be able to find the cause, by finding whether this redness is diffuse or localized, accompanied by eye discharge, itching or sensitivity to light and will prescribe you the treatment accordingly.

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