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Refractive Errors: 

First, you need to understand how we see clearly. Light rays pass into the eye through the clear cornea (70% of the focusing power of the eye), pupil, and lens (30 % of focusing power), then these rays focus on the retina which is the light-sensitive tissue of the eye. Then retina converts the light to impulses and sends them to the brain via the optic nerve where they are recognized as images.

Refractive errors occur when there is a change in the shape and size of your eyes so that light rays can not fall and be focused on the retina

Myopia (Short sight):

  • Myopia is when the eye is short so the focus rays fall in front of the retina.
  • Close objects will look clear but distant objects appear blurry.

Hyperopia (Far sight):

  • Hyperopia is where the distance between the cornea and retina (Eye length) is too short, so light rays fall behind the retina.
  • Far objects appear to be clear but near objects are blurred.


Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is not curved evenly, so light passes through this uneven cornea and is not focused properly on the retina, both distant and closed vision appear blurry.


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