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Hand and Wrist Surgery

Become familiar with its various aspects

  • There are several reasons that might lead to pain in the hands and wrists to the extent that it interferes with the everyday functioning of the patients.
  • Contrary to the popular belief, these problems might affect children in almost the same manner as they affect the adults.
  • In many cases, the orthopedic surgeons might suggest surgery for effective treatment of the reasons that might be causing the pain the discomfort.

Who might need hand and wrist surgery?

  • Most people, including children suffering from pain in hands or wrists, hand fractures and other such issues are known to have musculoskeletal and arthritis-related problems.
  • However, not all such patients might face the need of surgery as their problems can be cured with the help a proper combination of drugs, therapy and exercise. The need for surgery generally depends on the following factors:
    • The extent of pain and discomfort
    • The level to which the functionality of the hand and wrist are affected
    • The specific needs of the patients
    • The response of the patients towards other methods of treatment

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Possible advantages and complications of Surgery

  • It is not uncommon for patients to feel stressed or even scared upon learning about the need to undergo a surgical procedure.
  • The best way to overcome this stress is by gaining information about the advantages as well as the complications associated with the surgery.
  • The most common advantages of opting for hand and wrist surgery is that it is likely to offer the patients lasting relief from pain.
  • In addition it helps to improve the overall functioning of the hand and the wrist while also improving their overall look and appearance.
  • Even though the chances of complications, especially amongst healthy individuals are quite rare, they cannot be completely ruled out.
  • The most common of these complications include infection of the wound, swelling and stiffness and even minor bleeding of the wound after the surgery.
  • However, with proper and timely treatment and care, these complications can be easily overcome and cured in a permanent manner.

Preparing for the Surgery

  • It is important for the patients to prepare themselves both physically and mentally for the surgical procedure. This can be done by gaining complete details about the procedure from the surgeon.
  • In case of patients suffering from some sports related complications, it is advisable to consult the professionals offering expert treatment for sport injury before consenting to undergo a surgical procedure.
  • The patients should also seek guidance and advice about the continuation or discontinuation of any medication that they might be taking to gain pain relief.