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When the patient has atrial fibrillation (irregular heart beat) it might be cause clot formation in left atrium especially left atrial appendage(LAA) , this clot may move to the brain across the blood stream and cause some narrowing or blockage of cerebral artery so cerebrovascular accident or what we call stroke it is really disaster, though we look to give some medication to protect the patients and help them to carry on safely.

Antithrombotic medication includes warfarin which is used for decades and NOACs which are new, when we advise to use either medicine?

1 - Warfarin we prescribe it for patient with moderate to severe mitral stenosis or with artificial valves, it needs continuous observation by checking INR blood thinning level to be effective and it is affected by vit K so Leavy green vegetable which is rich by vit K will interfere with its activity.

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2 - NOACs a new thinning blood class (non- vitamin k oral anticoagulants) their main indication in non-valvular atrial fibrillation they have some advantages in comparison with warfarin:

  • No need for regular blood test (thinning blood test like INR)
  • Not being impacted by vit k level so foods rich by vit k does not affect its function.
  • May be safer due to less risk of bleeding,
  • They may be more effective at preventing blood clots than warfarin.


At last it seeds weight reduction in overweight or obese patient decrease the risk of atrial fibrillation or even revers it, and play a role in the management of hypertension which associated with AF.

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