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24 Hour BP Monitoring – The Key to better diagnosis and treatment

You may be worried about your blood pressure reading being high sometimes and not sure if you are suffering from hypertension. You may also not sure about the proper control of your blood pressure with medical treatment. 24 hour of BP monitoring can answer your concern and help better regulate your blood pressure.
  • Many times the cardiology doctor might need to gain additional information about the influence of the daily activities and sleep patterns of the patients on their changing BP levels. In such circumstances, using the 24 hour BP monitoring devices provide the most effective means to obtain this information in the form of regular BP recordings. This information might be used by the doctors to ascertain the following facts.

    • To learn if the BP readings in the clinic are much higher for the patients than they are while the patients are away from the clinic.
    • To understand whether or not the prescribed medication is proving effective in controlling the blood pressure of the patients throughout the day.
    • To know if the blood pressure of the patients remains high during specific times of the day or night and the need to change the medication for controlling the same.
    • To assess the risk of heart disease or stroke by analysing the readings of 24 hour blood pressure monitor. 

More about 24 Hour BP Monitor Device

  • A 24 hour blood pressure monitor is a computerized device that is of nearly the same size as a walkman. It is a small portable device that the patients can carry around by attaching it with a belt.
  • The monitor also features a cuff that the patients need to place around their arm just like the one in a regular BP monitoring machine. This cuff is attached to a rubber cable which in turn is attached to the front of the monitor.
  • The monitor itself is placed in a compact pouch which can then be worn on a belt to make the device portable. This ambulatory blood pressure monitor is designed to automatically inflate the cuff and record the blood pressure after every half hour over a period of 24 hours.

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Dr. M. Adib Nanaa

Specialist Cardiologist