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Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

  • It create imbalance between oxygenated blood supply to the heart muscle and the demand of the muscle.
  • The main arteries which supply the blood to heart muscle is called coronary arteries, when fat deposited in their wall it cause narrowing in the lumen by plaque formation and if this plaque ruptured it followed by clot and blockage of the artery  and consequently causes a heart attack.
  • If blood flow isn’t restored quickly, the heart muscle begin to die. Without rapid management heart attack can lead to serious outcome and death.

How does the plaque build up ?

  • Plaque begins to build up  in damaged arteries, and if the blood is rich in fat and cholesterol. When the inner layer of artery wall is affected, the plaque rupture to cause heart acute coronary syndrome either STEMI or NSTEMI (myocardial infarction with ST elevation or without ST elevation), or what we call endothelial dysfunction.
  • Here is the main issue for CAD. The important thing is the build up of the plaque in the coronary arteries may start in childhood, though we have to take care of the risk factor as early as we can to get protection from CAD.

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Dr. M. Adib Nanaa

Specialist Cardiologist