Chest Pain Explained

Chest Pain Explained – Symptoms, Causes and Remedies

  • Chest pain or Heart Pain is most commonly associated with cardiovascular problems and often causes the patients suffering from the same to become panicked. DRHC  provides advanced heart pain treatment in Dubai.
  • Most patients are ignorant of the fact that cardiac issues are not the only cause of chest pain, as it can result from various other problems. However, this does not provide any excuse to ignore this pain as these other issues might equally harmful for the overall well being of the patients. DRHC offers the best chest pain treatment in Dubai.  To book heart checkup in Dubai DRHC, just call +97142798200. 

Different types of Chest Pains

  • As mentioned before, chest pains might be of different types, depending generally on the reasons that cause them. While some people might experience a sharp stab or a dull ache in the chest area, others might feel a crushing or burning sensation.
  • In some patients, the chest pain in the middle might spread up to the neck and into the jaw or even radiate back down along both the arms.

Common Causes of Chest Pain

As diverse are the different types of chest pain, so diverse are its causes. The most common of these are listed as follows.

  • Pain due to angina: This is a serious type of chest pain which is indicative of a heart disease. In most cases, this pain is caused when the heart muscle does not receive adequate oxygen supply due to a blocked artery or any other functional problem of the heart valves or muscle.
  • Pain due to respiratory issues: Many times patients might experience chest pain while breathing due to severe lung congestion or extreme respiratory infections. In either case, the pain is generally relieved with proper medication and care and as the respiratory issue is treated.
  • Pain due to indigestion: It is not uncommon for people suffering from indigestion or gastrointestinal problems to feel a burning sensation in their chest. This chest pain due to gas is quite distinct from the ones caused due to heart or respiratory issues and hence easy to identify and treat.
  • Pain due to hypertension: Another common cause of chest pain is excessive anxiety or stress that the patients might be suffering from. The Chest pain stress causes is often experienced in the form of a stabbing sensation or give rise to a feeling of suffocation around the chest area.

Treatment of Chest Pain

  • There are various methods to treat chest pain and these generally depend on the exact reasons that cause the pain in the first place.
  • In almost all cases, except for the ones related to heart ailments, chest pain remedies are included in the medication for the causes eliminating the need for any extra medication. Fill the appointment form below to consult with the Chest pain doctor in Dubai DRHC.

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