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  • This test is also referred as Cardiac Diagnostic Test, Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test or CPX Test.
  • This test is performed to check how the heart responds to external stress or a physical activity in a controlled clinical environment.
  • This kind of test can reveal if there is a problem in blood flow within the heart. It is usually involves walking in a treadmill or riding a stationary bike where the patient is attach to a machine to monitor the heart rhythm during exercise.

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  • Before, during and after the test is performed the patient blood pressure, O2 Saturation, Breathing, Pulse and any symptoms that can occur is monitored.
  • The test starts slow and progressively increase in speed to increase the difficulty of the test to be able to monitor any abnormalities in cardiac rhythm during the exercise test.
  • This test is recommended if the patient shows any signs or symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease or an Irregular Heart Rhythm (also known as Arrhythmia).
  • This test can guide the doctor on how to deal or to make a treatment course for the patient, because this measure the effectiveness of the treatment or the severity of the heart condition of the patient.
  • The test result can be interpreted as a reflection of the general physical condition of the patient and it can also assess the prognosis of the patient after a myocardial infarction (also known as heart attack).

Dubai Cardiology Clinic - Treatment of various cardiovascular diseases such as Hypertension, Ischemic heart disease, Holter monitoring, Heart failure, Stress test, chest pain and echocardiography  are now available in DRHC.


Consultation + ECG + Echocardiography = 1000 AED

Consultation + ECG + Echocardiography + Stress Tests= 1500 AED

Dr. M. Adib Nanaa

Dr. M. Adib Nanaa

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